How it works? is your "Workplace Health and Safety concierge" -- as soon as a WHS need arises, we put our network of experts to work to get you the answers you need!

Here's how it works:

  1. You have a WHS question or issues.
  2. You email/call the hotline.
  3. We get in touch with our subject matter experts.
  4. We get back to you with an answer to your question, a plan of action to address any issues, and peace of mind!

Our team is just an email, text or call away to help with day-to-day safety needs . You have access to timely responses from experts in your industry, with specialists focused on Regulations updates, Dangerous Goods issues, claims handling, loss control, Worksafe, HR, and more.

In addition to supporting the day-to-day, we kick start all relationships with a scheduled WHS audit. No matter where you are on the WHS spectrum, we work with you to create an actionable plan to identify WHS gaps to create a long term strategy for improving your organisation's workplace health and safety.

Tailored to any Australian/New Zealand or Asia Pacific region industry

The packages are designed to give your business all the ongoing support it needs to develop a positive safety culture, and is flexible enough to meet your specific needs regardless of your safety culture starting point. Our packages are specifically available to meet Australian States legal requirements.

The Packages can be easily adapted to suit all industries and to meet other countries legal requirements, and can be implemented regardless of whether your business has a functioning WHS management system, has some of the basics in place or even if you have no systems at all.

What your organisation receives

From only $5 a day and based on a minimum three year contract, we believe the Compliance Package offers unbeatable value for money. Throughout the lifecycle of the packages your business chooses to select, you will have access to the Advice Line, which operates 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Package members will also be entitled to 10% discount on all other and its partners and affiliates services, including;

  • Workplace Health & Safety training workshops
  • Facilitation of risk assessment workshops
  • Specific risk assessments (e.g. hazardous substances, manual handling etc.)
  • Development of risk registers and specific risk procedures (i.e. isolation procedures, working at height etc.)
  • Delivery of accredited training and short courses
  • Development and implementation of Safety Management Systems & Programs
  • ISO 9001, ISO14001, AS4801, OHSA18001 auditing & certifications
  • Crisis Management & Incident Investigations
  • Assistance in meeting Workplace Health & Safety contract requirements for large contractors
  • etc...