The Workplace Health and Safety Gap

There is a growing void in most organisations that we call the WHS G A P.

As you've likely experienced, the challenge of running a safe and compliant business is growing.

As government regulations continue to mount, WHS efforts are becoming more time-consuming, more complicated - and as a result, more important.

At the same time, the amount of financial resources that companies can commit to WHS and compliance is shrinking. While these areas are essential to any operation, this spend isn't how you're going to grow your business.

This results in what we call the G A P.

  • So how have you dealt with your G A P ?
  • Added head count and grind your teeth at the cost?
  • Just accepted the growing risk and hoped for the best?

You now have another option:

Solutions for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises

From only $5 per day, can help your business ensure that everyone who goes to work comes home healthy and safe. Designed specifically to meet the needs of smaller and medium sized enterprises, we can provide your business with a customised package, tailored to meet your organisation’s unique requirements.

Proactively manage Workplace Health and Safety Risk

These bespoke support packages will assist small and medium-sized organisations to meet their WHS obligations and provide the tools to effectively manage the hazards and associated risks within your organisation. Each package includes all the necessary elements to help you to embed a robust WHS management system to proactively manage workplace health and safety risks, promote good workplace health and safety practices and ensure you are meeting and understand your statutory workplace health and safety responsibilities.